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You wanna know what scares me the most? I’m not even sure this is r e a l.


A song of ice and fire + quotes

“Viserys was Mad Aerys’s son, just so. Daenerys … Daenerys is quite different.” He popped a roasted lark into his mouth and crunched it noisily, bones and all. “The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.”

"There are lies and lies, woman."

Sansa had favored her mother’s gods over her father’s. She loved the statues, the pictures in leaded glass, the fragrance of burning incense, the septons with their robes and crystals, the magical play of the rainbows over altars inlaid with mother-of-pearl and onyx and lapis lazuli. Yet she could not deny that the godswood had a certain power too. Especially by night. Help me, she prayed, send me a friend, a true knight to champion me…

Sansa Stark Meme

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a game of ladies: ros
"You’re a very serious boy. A serious boy with a serious cock."


She is brave as well. She had to be to survive the life she’s lived.

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maisie williams for assitant magazine


You should see him. He’s beautiful.